Monthly Archives: July 2013

Identity Theft

This is a blog post I didn’t expect to write. I got a call the other day from a woman who said she had something important to discuss with me. I called her back, assuming she was a potential client. Not exactly. She told me a story about a man she met and dated for a while. He wined and dined her extravagantly. He claimed to be a successful lawyer with a Columbia law degree. As proof, he showed her his website. Although things started off well, he started going psycho and stalking her, and she had to call the police. I guess it’s not that surprising.

So, what does this have to do with me? Well, the lawyer with a Columbia degree that he claimed to be was ME! And the website he showed her was MINE!

The moral of this story is if someone claims to be me, call me to confirm it. And don’t trust anybody. And I should think about putting a picture on my website.


Zimmerman Verdict

Well, hate to say I told you so, but . . . Of course, I’m not the only one who predicted an acquittal. The evidence of Martin being on top, Zimmerman screaming for help, and Zimmerman’s injuries doomed the case from the beginning. That’s not to say he bears no responsibility for what happened. He is partly responsible. But he’s not a criminal, and certainly not a murderer. And yet this is exactly what special prosecutor Angela Corey called him. And she called Martin prey. Outrageous. AFTER a not guilty verdict. Combined with the overcharging, and the withholding of evidence, Corey needs to be disciplined, fired, and/or disbarred.