Zimmerman Trial

I’ve watched some of the trial and I have a prediction. It will be an acquittal. There’s a possibility of a conviction on a lesser charge, but 2nd degree murder is out of the question. I should say, you never know what a jury will do, but a 2nd degree murder conviction would be outrageous. The prosecution clearly overcharged, I think unethically so. And I believed in the beginning that it was clearly a racially motivated murder. The facts, however, made me do a 180 degree turnaround. Most people despise changing an opinion once they have it, and will grab at any shred to hold onto it. I’m one of those masochists who always tries to challenge my own opinions. Anyway, with some witnesses saying Martin was on top hitting Zimmerman, with the injuries to Zimmerman, and other evidence, there’s enough reasonable doubt to drive a truck through. It’s a tragedy, and there may be civil liability for Zimmerman, but there’s no way he should be convicted. If the Judge has courage, she should dismiss the top charge at least. It’s doubtful, though, in such a high profile case.