Second Blog Post

Welcome back my friends to the blog that never ends (hopefully). I thought I would say a little about myself to the imaginary people who are reading. I’m about to be 50 (yikes). I was born on Staten Island, and I’ve been here my whole life (although they do let me out occasionally). I graduated from Port Richmond H.S., went to Wagner for 2 years, and got my B.A. (not to be confused with BS) from NYU. I then got my Master’s from Rutgers, and finally got my law degree from the illustrious (so they say) Columbia Law School. Like the song says “I’ve been everywhere, man.” After law school, I worked at the Legal Aid Society for seven years, and then I hung out my own shingle. Anyway, this post is getting long and boring, so I’ll conclude for now. In my next one, I’ll get into the exciting world of what my practice consists of. As my daughter would say, TTFN!