I had a somewhat uncommon experience in family court the other day: I got a neglect case dismissed. Actually, I can only take partial credit – I was the attorney for the child, and there was an attorney assigned for the parent who did much of the heavy lifting. I advocated for dismissal on behalf of the children. As any lawyer who does neglect cases can tell you, that rarely happens. For various reasons, judges almost always make a finding of neglect after a trial, no matter who the lawyers are. That isn’t to say that lawyers are useless in these cases. Only a small portion of cases go to trial, and lawyers assist in a hundred ways during the case. Anyway, in this case the evidence was weak, but many judges would have made a finding. No one second-guesses a judge for making a finding, but the whole world does if a case is dismissed and something happens to the children. Anyway, in this case dismissal was the right result, and I commend the Judge for doing the right thing,.

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