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Social Security Disability Benefits Remain Elusive For Bronx Residents

It will probably not come as any surprise to Bronx residents that of the five boroughs of New York City, the Bronx has the highest percentage of citizens on social security disability insurance or income. Indeed, the percentage receiving disability income is nearly 50% higher than the state average.

Nevertheless, chances are the number of residents of the Bronx who should receive disability benefits is even higher. Unfortunately, social security disability requirements are complicated, and claims are notoriously difficult to appeal once rejected.

Fortunately, however, disability attorneys like Jeffrey Johnson lend their expertise to Bronx residents trying to get access to the rights and benefits they deserve.

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Why Are Bronx Residents Struggling To Claim Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security Disability In New York

Historically, the Bronx has certainly been the poorest and therefore, most affordable, of New York's five boroughs. As a result, it is often the best (or only) choice for those trying to live off the already meager allotments of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Unfortunately for those seeking to get access to these crucial benefits today, they are increasingly difficult to obtain. Statistics indicate that across the United States, the proportion of Social Security Disability cases approved fell by roughly 20% from just 2008 to 2017, and is likely still falling.

Worse, the time it takes to get a case approved, especially if it has to go through an appeal, has increased by approximately 80%. This means that Bronx residents may have to wait years before social security disability funds arrive if they arrive at all.

Sadly, denials are increasingly common. Yet the reasons for these denials are essential for disabled Bronx residents to understand because they also offer a clue towards a solution.

Social Security Disability Requirements Only A Lawyer Could Understand

Odds are that more than half of Bronx residents hoping to get the financial assistance they need to survive after a workplace accident or to afford care for their disabled adult child will see their initial social security disability claim denied. Yet this is not because of increasingly strict medical requirements.

In fact, the proportion of cases disqualified for medical reasons has fallen considerably, indicating a clearer understanding of the system by doctors and citizens, and lower rates of attempted fraud. Instead, the leading cause of denials is procedural or technical flaws.

Meaning that technicalities are costing thousands if not tens of thousands of individuals in the Bronx alone the social security disability benefits they need and deserve.

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New York Disability Attorney Helping Bronx Residents With Their Claims

Social Security Disability Lawyer Bronx New York

If there is a silver lining to the grim Social Security Disability claims statistics facing Bronx residents, it is that they point to a solution that is already available, but few are aware of.

As part of his family law practice service in the Bronx and other boroughs of New York City, Jeffrey Johnson took note of how many residents struggled (or had given up trying) to obtain social security disability. Now, in addition to their other essential legal services, his law firm’s attorneys help those seeking to successfully navigate the complex yet essential applications for social security disability benefits.

Disability attorneys like these help residents of the Bronx understand what social security disability benefits they can claim, follow the requirements for applying, and are there to assist them in their application or appeal process.

Disability Lawyer Helps Make Social Security Disability Claims More Accessible

As an increasingly large number of Bronx residents struggle to claim increasingly elusive social security disability benefits, disability attorneys Jeffrey Johnson can help them at every stage of the application process.

From understanding, at the outset, whether someone should be applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or both, to ensuring in the end that no technical mistake or procedural error undermines their case, an experienced attorney could be the difference between a quick successful application, and process that takes years only to end in failure.

If you are struggling to make ends meet in the Bronx, or elsewhere in New York City, after a work injury or with a severe disability, it is never too soon to reach out to disability claims lawyers like those at the Law Office Of Jeffrey W. Johnson to help you get the benefits you need, and deserve.

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